BlackBerry PlayBook Spanks Apple’s iPad in Web Test

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has put a video on YouTube showcasing just how fast its coming PlayBook tablet will be at loading and rendering web content. The PlayBook’s competitor in the video? None other than the iPad. You might be surprised at the result. Video after the jump!

PlayBook versus iPad

So what do you think? The PlayBook has a bit of a speed advantage over the iPad when rendering web pages. The iPad also does not have Adobe Flash since Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn’t like the technology and wants HTML5 to become the next standard for online content. The PlayBook on the other hand is being designed from the ground up to support Flash.

Key PlayBook Specs:

  • Cortex A9 processor with two, 1 GHz core
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 7” touchscreen

Key iPad Specs:

  • Apple modified Cortex A8 processor with one, 1 GHz core
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 9.7” touchscreen

As you can see, the PlayBook is an entire processor generation ahead of the iPad. The iPad 2 is widely expected to be released in early 2011, about the same time as the BlackBerry PlayBook, and will certainly have much upgraded specs. Even the current iPhone model (the iPhone 4) has twice the RAM of the first iPad. I do however have to give some props to RIM for doing a head to head comparison. I also have give RIM credit for building a decent web browser.

Anyone who has ever used a BlackBerry with up to OS version 5.x can tell you just how bad a smartphone’s web browser can be. RIM is moving in the right direction here and I really hope that the PlayBook is just the ticket for the company to start its revival. Of course, you may also notice how slow and choppy some of the Flash animation on the Adidas webpage in the video demonstration is. The PlayBook has hardware accelerated Flash support. Do RIM and Adobe have a little more work to do to make sure that the PlayBook performs as well as we all hope with Flash? Probably. They do have quite a bit more time to polish this up before its release.

So go ahead fan boys and fan girls. You’ve got your first iPad versus PlayBook video. Now let me know what you think of them in the comments. The iPad does look a lot bigger…

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