BlackBerry Soon to Get PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

PayPal is going to soon be rolling out a version of its Mobile Express Checkout service for users of Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry line of smartphones. The company already has a beta version of its Express Checkout available for Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android OS powered devices, but it is nice to see that BlackBerrys are not being forgotten. If you use PayPal on a regular basis, you already know why this is important.

The PayPal Express Checkout service lets merchants add PayPal as an option for purchasing things online. The mobile version implements this for smartphones. Leaving BlackBerrys out in the cold would certainly have been a snub to RIM and its 35% North American markets share of smartphones. RIM and PayPal have had a long relationship, with PayPal being the only payment option on RIM’s App World store until App World 2 rolls out. So what advantages does Mobile Express Checkout offer? Namely, optimization for smaller screens and keyboards.

BlackBerry finally got the release version of an eBay app very recently, and while it does lack some features eBay “power-users” would have liked, it shows that eBay does care about RIM (or at least RIM’s considerable user base). eBay owns PayPal, and I am sure that the company sees PayPal as the future of smartphone purchasing options (a PayPal app does exist for BlackBerry in case you did not know).

So, do you use PayPal on a regular basis? Prefer to stick with a credit card for online transactions? Ever purchase things through your BlackBerry? Let me know.

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