The Blackberry Passport Smiles for the Camera


Is the Blackberry back on the rise? If you have used or have been even partially familiar with smart phones in the last 15 years or so you may be familiar with the Blackberry. One of the original smart phones and leaders in this here business the Blackberry has been slowly losing traction. While struggling to compete with their heavy handed competitors, Blackberry recently underwent a shift in leadership and focus and while their numbers are still in the negative a steadied ship and new outlook on life should prove to bring some rather unique devices to store shelves.

Yesterday, Blackberry’s current CEO, John Chen handled the company’s earnings call and amongst other things mentioned the forth coming Blackberry Passport handset. Now before we get into what the Passport is, you may have noticed by the picture above, it is indeed rather odd. The peculiar device was first teased back in May as information surrounding its screen size was leaked in the Blackberry 10.3 SDK and then mentioned again at Blackberry’s Developer Blog site. The information surrounding the device gave the handset a 4.5 inch touch screen with a 1440×1440 resolution and confirmed its pixel density at 453 pixels per inch. While the even shape of the screen would cause for a rather ‘different’ looking device no one saw this coming. With sharp edges and a super compact three row QWERTY keyboard you can easily notice the Passport’s design. This super square design is comparable to devices like the Optimus Vu and the Pantech Pocket, however those devices did not fare so well, will the Passport? The Passport is expected to make its official debut in September at a Blackberry even in London.

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