BlackBerry Oxford or ‘Style’ Set for End of the Month Launch

Remember the BlackBerry ‘Style’? Well it looks like that name has been dropped in favor of the much more serious sounding ‘Oxford’ codename. Thanks to BGR’s sources, we now know that it is expected to launch as a Sprint exclusive on October 31st for a mere $99.99 with two year contract (although a rebate for $100 has to mailed in).

From what I have seen of the Oxford 9670 so far, I am unimpressed. It is interesting how Research In Motion (RIM)—the smartphone’s maker—has been able to combine the full QWERTY keyboard that distinguishes most of its other BlackBerry models with a flip phone style. Thus maybe the name ‘Style’ that was floating around for a while?  However, I still think it does not look cool enough to appeal to a larger audience.

Here is a quick rundown on the known specs:

  • BlackBerry OS 6
  • 360 x 400 resolution internal display (it flips, remember)
  • 240 x 320 resolution external display (for showing you who is calling, etc.)
  • Optical trackpad, full QWERTY keyboard inside
  • 5 MP camera
  • microSD slot with 8GB card included
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Gray colored version to start, purple will be released later

Hopefully we can get some harder specs on this thing as it nears launch. Who wants to bet it has the same 624 MHz Marvell processor as the Torch 9800 and Bold 9700? 512 or 256 MB of RAM? Hopefully for Sprint’s CDMA network they decided to go with 512 MB. BlackBerry OS 6 really needs it apparently from what has leaked out of Verizon Wireless who uses the same cell technology as Sprint.

So there you have it. The Oxford 9670 should be hitting shelves around the end of the month. The Storm3 was already canceled by RIM and the new Bold 9780 should be coming out soon as well. I just cannot get over the flip factor design though. A flip phone? C’mon RIM. Ah well, at least we will have the BlackBerry PlayBook sometime next year to get our BlackBerry groove on.

Interested in the coming Oxford? Think the flip design (it has also been codenamed the ‘Clamshell’ ostensibly because of the design) is going to lure some new customers in? Will this be the in phone for tweens looking to start using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? Let me know what you think.

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