New BlackBerry OS Update for the Storm 2 and Leaked BB Desktop Manager

Verizon Wireless is trying to spread some Thanksgiving holiday cheer in the form of an official Storm2 update that hit the internet today. No, it’s not BlackBerry OS 6. It’s BB OS A new, leaked version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager has also hit the internet and brings some new features.

The Storm 2 has not received any confirmation for an update to BB OS 6 and Verizon is not expected to make the new operating system available for the smartphone. The reason? BB OS 6 requires considerably more memory and space than BB OS 5. With its 256 MB of RAM and touchscreen, the Storm 2 just doesn’t appear to have the resources to properly run the new OS.

Fortunately, the update released today for the Storm 2 does bring some much needed improvement to the phone. With the BlackBerry OS update, the Storm 2 boots up faster and switches cell towers with fewer hiccups. Improved audio and video playbook is another improvement in the update. Oh, and you can finally send more than 160 character text messages GSM/UMTS networks. Stop by Verizon’s website for the update.

The BB Desktop Manager update that has been leaked isn’t as big of a deal as a system software update, but it does improve on the previously available version. There is now SSL support for Wi-Fi sync streaming and improvements to organizer synchronization. The 64-bit versions of Outlook and Exchange are also now supported. The leaked version ( is available online right now so just Google search it up if you are interested. As always, this is leaked software so use it at your own risk and don’t expect Research In Motion (RIM) or your carrier to help you fix things in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Even if the Storm 2 is not capable of running BB OS 6, the bigger question of where the heck is the OS update for the Bold 9700 and other BlackBerrys remains. This is an update that was promised months ago and has yet to see the light of day. Leaked versions of BB OS 6 are fine and all, but useless for the average BB user.

Let me know what you think of the OS update for your Storm 2 after you get it installed!

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