Blackberry OS 7 is not backwards compatible

Today brings big news of RIM’s latest endeavors in the mobile sector. RIM is hosting Blackberry World this week in Orlando Florida and is showing off some new goodies as well as getting developers keen to their new OS. The Blackberry Bold series has been officially updated and is pretty much spot on with the recent leaks. The new 9900/9930 is an amazing new Bold that keeps its legacy with the 9000 and improves upon it. The new Bold is surely just the start of a slew of new Blackberry devices that will grace our carrier’s lineups as the year closes out. However one excellent point of interest within Blackberry World is the new operating system, Blackberry OS 7. While it has been called Blackberry OS 6.1 in 7’s clothing the new OS will not be coming to a Blackberry handset near you.

With the announcement of the new Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930 devices comes a major upgrade in the devices processing power. The new Bold comes fully equipped with 1.2 GHz processors embedded and from what I have read are amazingly snappy and pull OS 7 together properly. Unfortunately your Blackberry device in most cases uses less than half of the processing power of these new Bolds and simply could not handle the sheer power Blackberry OS 7 needs to operate. While this is surely understandable, it’s most likely disappointing to the Blackberry power users who need the newest OS updates to survive.  What are you missing? Well it seems that Blackberry OS 7 is a repackaging of Blackberry OS 6 with a few Javascript and HTML 5 updates to the WebKit browser. So yea, Blackberry OS 6.1. In other news Rim has announced their new Blackberry Balance service which will allow company issued Blackberries the ability to do fun, exciting things without compromising the issuing company’s security. This giving a business class user the ability to not have to carry two phones, but will it be effective? Are there any business class users out their interested in Blackberry Balance? O

With the new hardware that RIM is pushing out it will be interesting to see if the smart phone giant can gain some more traction in the consumer market place. It is unfortunate that existing Blackberries will not get the sweet goodness of Blackberry OS 7, but I’m sure OS 7 will be floating around on the interwebs for users to give it a shot. Let us know if the lack of OS 7 on your old or even new Blackberry bothers you.

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