BlackBerry OS 6 is RIM’s Chance to Reinvent Itself

While we all wait for Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) to release BlackBerry OS, here is a quick rundown as to why it is essential for the company to succeed and reinvent itself with the new OS and how RIM will do it.

First, BlackBerrys are often criticized for poor web browser support. OS 6 will feature a Webkit based browser (the iPhone’s browser is also Webkit based) that promises a far better browsing experience.

Second, for the longest time BlackBerrys have only been targeted for corporate users. RIM has realized that consumers account for half of its user base now, and that consumers require features to make them happy. Features like touchscreens, social networking tools and oh yes, multitouch.

Third, the user interface. OS 6 will feature a completely updated user interface which is quite a bit more like the ones that Apple and Google use on their phones.

Fourth, BlackBerrys just are not as sexy as some competitors. OS 6 gives the necessary background support for the new hardware RIM is going to roll out soon. These new phones, like the Storm 3 and the 9800 Torch/Slider/Bold (pick a name, any name) have touchscreens and will be the new face of the company.

So there you have it. OS 6 is RIM’s chance to show everyone that it refuses to go the way of Nokia in the smartphone market. A new, sleek and sexy face is what OS 6 will project. As long as everything goes as planned, RIM will be quite successful into the future. Combine this with the upcoming BlackBerry tablet, the soon to be updated BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry Shield, and you have a convincing argument that RIM has been aware of its shortcomings and has been hard at work to address all of them.

Will RIM be able to turn things around with BlackBerry OS 6? I sure think so. Let me know what you think.

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