Take a Look at the Web Browser in BlackBerry OS 6

Research In Motion (RIM) has decided to show off its new web browser on its official blog. The good news? It reminds me of Apple’s. The bad news? It reminds me of Apple’s. If your interest is piqued, then read on for the juicy details.

First the obvious stuff. The new BlackBerry Browser runs on top of Webkit—the same stuff under the hood of Apple’s Safari Mobile and the Android OS browser. In testing, the browser can handle HTML5 even better than Safari Mobile and works quite quickly. No one doubts that this new browser is a major step up from the one in OS 5.

Tabbed browsing makes an appearance in the updated browser, which is a major relief. Eerily similar to the icon system on Apple’s iOS, a number appears in the upper right of the browser next to the URL box. You tap it and it shows which tabs are open, lets you switch between them, close them, or open new ones. If you have ever browsed on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you will know how to use it.

A redesigned start page is also included now. From the company blog, “Users can simply start typing any search term to quickly initiate a search, pin-point a specific URL within the Bookmarks and History sections, or just enter in a new URL for the first time.” Remind you of how Apple and Google do their browsers? RIM may have dressed it up in fancy words, but it looks like it works just like its smartphone cousins do.

While you may have been hoping for something a little more exciting, remember how much ground RIM has had to cover with its OS 6. Before you start burning your BlackBerrys in protest, give the company a little more time to get settled into the brave new smartphone world. Don’t worry, that RIM innovation will eventually build on top of this. In the mean time, you finally have access to the web browsing experience you should have had two years ago.

The expected multitouch browsing controls are also showcased in the company blog, and since pinch and zoom is the de facto touchscreen smartphone standard, there is no need to go further on that. It works like it should, no worries. RSS integration into the all new Social Feeds app is also here, and overall, things look good. Rest assured that you will not miss out any longer when it comes to your browsing experience.

You can check out blogs.blackberry.com/2010/08/blackberry-6-new-browser for a full list and more details of Blackberrys new improved browser.

Long story short, BlackBerry OS 6’s browser works well and while similar to its competitors, that is probably a good thing. Let us know what you think.

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