Launch of BlackBerry OS 6 on Verizon Wireless Scheduled for October 14

BlackBerry users may now officially rejoice—Verizon Wireless has October 14th scheduled for a “Interactive Launch” of BlackBerry OS 6. While Research In Motion (RIM), who makes the BlackBerry line of smartphones and the operating system they run, has been promising BB OS 6 on Verizon’s devices, the new OS still has not seen the light of day on the carrier. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 so far is the only BlackBerry to have officially gotten BB OS 6. Leaked operating system files are floating around, but who really wants to have to do that?

While I am not quite sure what an “interactive” launch is, hopefully it does not mean that Verizon Wireless is just going to talk about BB OS 6 and say that the operating system will be coming on some date in the future. BlackBerry users want to get their OS 6 on! Verizon already apparently nixed BB OS 6 for the Storm2 and RIM has shelved the Storm3 9570 that was going to be a modest refresh to allow the new operating system to perform up to par on a Storm.

The Torch 9800 just got a software update this week (it will be going out over the air next week) which is improving the OS speed and fixing some small bugs. Hopefully Verizon was just waiting for RIM to finish this new version of the OS before it decided to make an announcement like this. If I had to bet, expect OS 6 on your Verizon BlackBerry by the end of the month.

At the same time, RIM has plans to put its new BlackBerry Tablet OS onto all of its BlackBerry smartphones in the future. Don’t expect it to run on your current device (it might take a few years for every BlackBerry model to ship with it), but the cards are already in play. BlackBerry Tablet OS is being developed by RIM’s QNX branch that it acquired recently and promises a heck of a lot of features, improved dependability and better scalability. It might just even be able to run virtual machines inside of it to allow legacy (think BlackBerry OS) apps to work.

Giddy for BlackBerry OS 6 on your Verizon BlackBerry? Still waiting for it on your BlackBerry on another carrier? Annoyed that those pesky Torch 9800 users have already gotten a software update while you’re still stuck with BB OS 5? Let me know.

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