Where Are the BlackBerry OS 6 Updates?

The BlackBerry Torch has arrived, so where are the Research In Motion (RIM) promised OS 6 updates for everyone who has not or will not upgrade? Since carriers call the shots for operating system upgrades on the BlackBerry, it just might be a while. How long is a while? For at least one carrier, think 2011. Ouch, it stings.

If you are unfamiliar will Bell, you are probably American, since Bell is the largest telecommunications company in Canada. Remember where the BlackBerry is designed? Canada. So why exactly are plenty of BlackBerry owners going to have to wait until 2011 to get a Webkit browser?

It is probably not due to hardware, as everyone knows by now the Torch is not exactly the fastest smartphone money can buy. Most of its components have been showing up inside BlackBerrys for quite a while now. Carriers have been pretty quiet as to when OS 6 will come out on their networks in North America and I guess Bell ended up having the misfortune of being the first one to announce when they will launch the new and improved operating system.

RIM has had a bunch of problems over the past few years and its lack of control over what others do is a big part of the problem. Apple has a strong grip over its own app store. RIM lets anyone run their own, which fractures the market. Apple releases its OS updates itself, while RIM has to rely on carriers to do its dirty work and push the updates out over the air on their own time lines.

We will have to wait until the carriers announce their plans to update the army of BlackBerrys waiting. 2011 seem quite a ways away? It sure is. Let me know what you think and if RIM should be cracking the whip harder these days.

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