BlackBerry OS 6 Styled Themes, Facebook Outages and More

While we all grind out teeth in anticipation of Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry OS 6, all hope is not lost. A variety of OS 6 styled themes to make your little BlackBerry feel better about itself (since all the iPhones are pointing and laughing with their iOS 4 update) until OS 6 is released are here. BBLeaks seems to think that the best of all of them is the free “!6” theme. Yes, I said free.

“!6” works on non-touch screen BlackBerrys but implements some pretty nifty features that will let you trick your friends into thinking that you really are running OS 6. With three home screens that you can slide back and forth between (one holds media, one messaging, and one all your apps), new search extensions, and of course a beautiful new set of icons, backgrounds, etc. Like I said, it is free and definitely worth a look.

In other news, according to Crackberry and pretty much all of the internet, BlackBerrys are currently having problems with Facebook outages. According to the BlackBerry Facebook page, “RIM and Facebook are aware of an issue with Facebook for BlackBerry and we are working together to resolve the issue.” The problem includes difficulties with posting from BlackBerrys and refreshing data. Hmm, at least the mobile version of the website is working properly. I hope that RIM gets this cleared up quickly.

One last tidbit of news for all of you BlackBerry users out there: RIM has already started putting out those QT barcodes to scan around various places in Canada (makes sense since RIM is based in Ontario). Think of some viral marketing mixed with old school treasure hunts. Simply take a picture of a barcode and the phone analyses it. RIM can do pretty much whatever it wants with these barcodes including adding new contacts to your phone who will give you prizes. Yeah, pretty sweet. So the next time you are out and about in a public place and see a BlackBerry barcode, hurry up and scan it with the new version of messenger and see what it grabs you.

Trying out a new OS 6 styled them? Can’t get BlackBerry Facebook to work? See one of these new QT barcodes around? Let me know.

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