More Hints at Pending BlackBerry OS 6 Release on Verizon Wireless

Well the update guide has been leaked at least...

Verizon Wireless still has not released an update to BlackBerry OS 6—though Sprint has on its identical BlackBerry models—but it looks like Skype has not gotten the memo. Skype, the popular VoIP service, has released a version of its app for Verizon’s BlackBerry models that run BB OS 6. It looks like Skype expected Verizon to already have updated the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330 to OS 6. You know, like the rest of us expected.

With much smaller Sprint already dishing out the BB OS 6 goodness on its own branded versions of the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330, Verizon’s lack of an update is almost embarrassing. Since there are no smart phones running BB OS 6 on Verizon’s network yet, it’s not like Verizon is trying to push its customers into buying new models instead of updating their old ones to the new operating system. Does Verizon really not think it’s worth the time or effort to get the update out in a timely manner?

Besides the pretty big hint from Skype that BB OS 6 should be released by Verizon any day now (I feel like I have been saying this for months now), some materials from Verizon have leaked online showing the update process and announcing the arrival of RIM’s new OS. Now for the actual update to follow…Can you hear us Verizon? We want the new operating system and the greatly improved Webkit browser inside.

It is unconscionable that a carrier as large as Verizon Wireless—the largest in the United States—has made its customers wait this long for a simple, free operating system update. The hardware inside the Bold 9650 is virtually identical to the hardware inside the Torch 9800 that released on AT&T months and months ago. The same processor and same memory/storage are inside of both. This isn’t rocket science. Hackers have been playing around with the new operating system for quite a while now and even your little CDMA cousin Sprint with its identical models has started rolling out its own update over the air.

Maybe the question we should all be asking is why. Why is Verizon taking so long to do something it could have months ago if it really tried? The only answers that I can come up with are a) Verizon doesn’t care about the BlackBerry anymore or b) Verizon doesn’t care about the BlackBerry anymore and wants its customers to switch to an Android OS powered smartphone out of sheer frustration. Neither bodes well for BlackBerry fans or RIM.

QNX operating system, where art thou?

Let me know what you think about Verizon’s foot dragging in the comments below.

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