BlackBerry OS 6 Leaked

There has been a flurry of BlackBerry software leaks lately, and BlackBerry OS 6 is the most recent one. While the build is only for the coming BlackBerry Bold 9800 (codenamed ‘Torch’ or ‘Slider’), some ingenious hackers can probably get it up and running for other models. That may be your only option if want OS 6 and are stuck with a BlackBerry with only 256MB of RAM, as it looks like they might be passed over due to “hardware limitations” or something along those lines.

Only time and the hacking teams will let us know for sure if 256MB of RAM is too little, or if Research In Motion (RIM) is using the new operating system as an excuse to push more, newer handsets into the market. You can be sure that if OS 6 runs on older models but is not released for them, quite a bit of backlash might end up coming back to smack RIM in the face. I am keeping my fingers crossed that excellent BlackBerrys like the Bold 9700 do get the update. Of course, a lot of the new features will work better on a touchscreen device, so upgrading might not be a matter of whether or not the operating system runs, but how well it runs with only a trackpad.

Besides OS 6 being leaked, OS 5 updates for the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Bold 9700 have emerged. The standard warning of backing up all of your data and realizing that these are not official releases apply. If you want them, do a little Google searching. You might also note that the Curve 9300 has had its operating system leaked also, and it is a version of OS 5. I know, very disappointing.

What do you feel about RIM producing a phone that comes out this month without OS 6? This kill your desire for a Curve 9300? How about our chances for OS 6 coming to older BlackBerrys? RAM issues or just RIM wanting to sell us all new phones? Drop a comment and tell us what you think.

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