Coming BlackBerry OS 6 Browser to Include Google Buzz

As all of the buzz over the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry OS 6 hits a low roar, Google Buzz makes an appearance in its new and greatly improved Webkit-based browser. While Google Buzz has been available on Research In Motion’s BlackBerry line of smartphones as an add-on for a while now through use of the Opera Mini mobile web browser as a substitute for the company’s own, support for the BlackBerry’s native browser should give a boost to its use. Especially since users of BlackBerry smartphones like to message more than anyone else.

Google Buzz has definitely not reached a level of adopted present with older and much more established social networking services, but relatively young Google has seen enormous success and adoption of its cloud-based Gmail, Google Voice, calendars and document software. There is little reason to expect that Google cannot muscle its way into somewhat of a user-base. Whether or not it has the features and ‘cool’ factor that its competitors enjoy is another matter entirely.

How it will integrate into OS 6 and the upcoming operating system’s social feeds platform is also unknown. One interesting factoid has been confirmed in the announcement however. The service enables users to provide Google with their position, and thus targeted “Buzz” around their geographic location. Looks like Research In Motion (RIM) really is giving away users positions like Apple is with iOS 4 to anyone who wants to keep tabs for ‘targeted’ app experiences.

Excited about better support for Google Buzz on BlackBerrys?

Think Buzz is just a bunch of annoying racket that will eventually fade?

Worried about how much personally identifiable information companies are willing to pass around at break-neck digital speeds to keep the profits rolling in?

Speak up and tell us what you are thinking.

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