BlackBerry OS 6 Developer Information Reveals Juicy New Features

Information for software developers on BlackBerry OS 6 has been posted online and it shows quite a bit of what the new operating system offers both developers and the end-user. While a lot of it has been leaked through various sources, some of it is quite interesting. For example, pinch and zoom (multitouch) has been confirmed, better support of OpenGL (for your 3D games) is included, and Research In Motion (RIM)’s demographics data for its BlackBerry users have popped up. Interested? Read on.

The expected improvements in anticipation of BlackBerry App World 2.0 have now been confirmed through the leaked information (gotta love pictures covered in non-disclosure agreement warnings). Barcode scanning through your BlackBerry’s camera has been improved, purchasing additional content and features within apps now is supported, and the entire SDK has been revamped to make these new features easy to implement. Know how Microsoft’s XBOX 360 gaming console lets you buy expansions and download them through its store? Same thing but with apps and on a Blackberry. I am not sure yet how developers will harness the new features, but it should be interesting.

Web browsing has gotten a major upgrade and with the support for HTML5, CSS 3.0 and JavaScript 1.8, an entire world of web based apps might open up. Thankfully, multitouch will be there to the rescue, but how well the new browser will work on non-touchscreen BlackBerrys is still up to debate. After looking over the information, I am happy to report that yes, BlackBerry OS 6 looks a lot like an Android/BlackBerry hybrid. That should be a good thing. Whether or not all of this works out well for older phones (or even the coming Bold 9780) is an entirely different matter altogether.

Were you waiting around for those demographics figures from RIM? Here you go:

The average BlackBerry owner is nearly 37 years old and makes approximately $86k a year. 55% of them are men and 53% have a college degree. Not surprising, 80% use their smartphone for email, 92% use SMS and 62% access the internet. None of the figures are that much different than what RIM lists as the average for users of other smartphones, but BlackBerry owners do seem to make more money, be better educated, and use their phones to communicate in more ways.

Let us know what you think of all of this.

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