BlackBerry OS 6 Spotted Running on a Curve 3G 9330

Reseach In Motion’s (RIM) new BlackBerry Curve 9330 has been spotted running BlackBerry OS 6. This is certainly good news for BlackBerry owners who are looking forward to the new OS with its Webkit browser, better integration of social media and improved user interface. However, why is the 9330 model of the Curve 3G—the CDMA version with 512MB of RAM—look to be getting OS 6 before the 9300 version of the Curve 3G with its 256 MB of RAM?

Cellular carries like Verizon and Sprint have a lot of leverage over new smartphones that debut on their networks. They even have the power to decide when new operating systems get official launches for their branded smartphones despite whatever the operating system makers or manufacturers wish. The Apple/AT&T relationship has certainly turned things upside down in the smartphone market but their relationship is obviously a strained one and will probably not last into next year with the way all of the rumors are going.

Unfortunately for HTC, Motorola and the like, most smartphone manufacturers (well honestly speaking, everyone but Apple) are still slaves to carriers that subsidize their smartphones. How popular would the iPhone 4 be without the approximately $500 discount AT&T gives for it when you sign up for a two year contract agreement? Apple might have a lot of autonomy thanks to its iTunes store and its massive presence through its many products, but the rest of the manufacturers are still basically slaves.

T-Mobile has the new Curve 3G (9300), but a leaked version of BlackBerry OS 6 still has to emerge for it. I love that the CDMA version of the Curve 3G will certainly be getting OS 6, but I am worried that the GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) version is still absent.

Tell me if you think the cellular service providers are to blame for this or if its RIM’s own fault that BB OS 6 has still to see the light of day on the 9300 model of the Curve 3G for GSM networks. How about the Bold 9700? Where is OS 6 for it?

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