BlackBerry OS 6 in Carrier Testing for the Bold 9700


BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners can rejoice! The Bold 9700 may not have seen BlackBerry OS 6 yet, but it is in carrier testing by T-Mobile. An unnamed source tipped has tipped off GizmoFusion that T-Mobile has already failed three versions of BlackBerry OS 6 but is testing the fourth and newest version available to them. It is a little scary that three versions of BB OS 6 have already missed the bar, but hey, maybe the fourth time is the charm.

T-Mobile will be selling the Bold 9780 in the near future, so what will see the light of day first? Anyone think T-Mobile will delay OS 6 for the 9700 until after the 9780 hits its shelves? That might spur sales but I am sure the 9700 owners out there will be furious.

The good news in all of this is that RIM is promising to show us OS 6 running on a Bold 9700 and a Pearl 3G 9100 at its BlackBerry DevCon 2010 later this month. Oh, and OS 6 has been leaked for the Bold 9650. However, the 9650 has twice the RAM (512 MB) of the 9700 (256MB). Frustrated by the lack of clear news about OS 6 and older devices? I am.

Keep the fingers crossed. If OS 6 gets canceled for the 9700, I’ll be joining you 9700 owners in the ensuing riot. Correct me if I am wrong, but so far, I have only seen leaked pictures and OS 6 builds for BlackBerrys with 512MB of RAM. You know, the CDMA version of the Curve 3G (9330 model), the Bold 9650, etc.

Let me know if and when you think T-Mobile will be sending out OS 6 for the 9700. It already feels like we’ve been waiting a year for this.

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