BlackBerry OS 6 Running on the Bold 9650

Exciting news for owners of the BlackBerry Bold 9650—the smartphone has been spotted running BlackBerry OS 6. It looks like unless you have a desire for a touchscreen or a slide out keyboard, there may be no compelling reason to upgrade to a newer model just yet. Of course, how well OS 6 runs on non-touchscreen devices has yet to be determined.

It should be pointed out that the 9650 sports 512MB of RAM. No BlackBerry with 256MB of RAM or less has been seen with OS 6 and since the Storm 2 will probably not being getting the upgrade with its 256MB of RAM cited as a reason, this news is disheartening for many. Especially so for Bold 9700 owners who are seeing a refresh in the form of the Bold 9780 with 512MB of RAM  and OS 6.

While we will have to wait and see for official announcements of OS 6 compatibility with existing BlackBerry models, it may be safe to say now that unless your BlackBerry has 512MB of RAM, you will have to upgrade if you want all of the new features OS 6 will provide. If some ingenious hackers do manage to get OS 6 up and running on these older BlackBerry models despite their RAM limitations, RIM might be forced into the position of Apple and start to have to be aggressive against jailbreakers. Remember, jailbreaking and unlocking smartphones have been declared completely legal by the US Government, so jailbreak away!

In the meantime, leave a comment and express your excitement over the news. Or tell me if you feel shafted over the storm cloud that is hovering over the fate of the Bold 9700 and its chances to score OS 6. I look forward to your opinions.

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