BlackBerry OS 6 Will Come for the Bold 9700, 9650 and Pearl 3G

It is official, Blackberry OS 6 will be coming to the Bold 9700, 9650 and even the Pearl 3G. Like earlier reports stated, the Storm series will not receive the update. While this is excellent news, it does bring up another question. How well will OS 6 run on these devices? The answer to that might not be what you want to hear.

The new operating system brings a lot with it. Besides the Webkit-based browser that promises a browsing experience at least comparable to the iPhone’s, it revamps the user interface and adds loads of new features. This comes at an obvious cost: more system resources must be used to power the operating system instead of being held in reserve to keep open apps from slowing down when they have to do something.

Even the processor in Research In Motion’s (RIM) newest smartphone, the BlackBerry Torch 9800, looks a tad strained when running the new operating system. An operating system I might add, which was written with it in mind. While there very well may be a bunch of performance tweaks that are done to the operating system in the days leading up to launch, or even in the first few weeks that it is on sale, how are these other phones going to run it? Especially since they have less memory.

Hopefully, these issues will be addressed and everything will be well. Worst case scenario?  You might just decide that you need to upgrade your handset. Best case scenario? RIM makes OS 6 run faster and let us know how many of its devices will be compatible. Sound off and tell me what you think.

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