More Info Released on BlackBerry OS 6

Research In Motion Ltd. has just released more information on its upcoming BlackBerry OS 6 and a new video showcasing what the improved OS is capable of. My first impression? It looks like a cross between Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS running on a BlackBerry with some additional features. Basically, it looks like Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) got it right. We will not know for sure until the actual release version is in customers’ hands though.

The user interface (UI) looks clean and exactly what we expected from RIM as its response to the market share that it has lost to its chief competitors. The social feeds feature that RIM has been talking about so much lately is also demonstrated in the video. Universal search is shown too, as is the ‘Enhanced Media Interface’ which reminds me a little of the iPod app on the iPhone.

Perhaps the best thing BlackBerry OS 6 is the new Webkit-based browser. The video gives a brief glance, and yes it does look an awful lot like Apple’s mobile version of Safari. It makes sense too since both are now running on the same Webkit engine. What might make you most excited though is that multi-touch pinching and zooming is also demonstrated in the video—at least in the web browser.

Another interesting thing shown in the video is not exactly a ‘feature’ as it is simply a new part of the UI. It appears that all of the popup menus have gotten a complete redesign. Now they are more like popup icons and much more intuitive than the old contextual menu train wreck. Good work RIM, I cannot wait to try out BlackBerry OS 6.

So is BlackBerry OS 6 going to be enough to save RIM?

How about that social media feed? Excited that RIM has done some serious work for this new version of their OS?

Let us know what you think and be sure to check out the official Blackberry video on Youtube


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