Leaked BlackBerry Smart Phone Operating Systems Galore!

Screens of BlackBerry OS 6 from Research In Motion

Leaked and official BlackBerry OS updates!

Alright, this week has seen the release of five different updated BlackBerry operating systems for four smart phones. Two of them are leaks and three are actually legitimate—albeit from carriers in Europe. Here’s the rundown so you can make sure your BlackBerry is up-to-date.

BlackBerry Bold 9000:

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is definitely an older model, but it has actually received an official update to version from Vodafone DE and a leaked update to version Google search for the leaked version if you’re interested or snag the official update from the BlackBerry website.

BlackBerry Curve 8520:

An official update for the Curve 8520 from Vodafone DE, version might just be the last update this model receives. As with all official BlackBerry OS updates, a quick trip to Research In Motion’s website will get you started.

BlackBerry Style 9670:

This unofficial, leaked update for the Style 9670 is version No word yet on exactly what it does but assume the general bug fixes, some modest performance enhancements, etc. Being an unofficial release, it’s all on you if things go horribly wrong. Google search to find it.

BlackBerry Bold 9650:

Alright, the Bold 9650 has already seen a leaked BB OS 6 release but this is an official update from Sprint. Hold your horses. It’s version Still, given the Bold 9650’s 512 MB of RAM and the fact that a simulator for the phone has already come out for developers running BB OS 6, you know the big update is just around the corner. Google up the update or swing by the official BlackBerry website to snag this. Being an official release, RIM and Sprint will help you if something goes wrong.

***WARNING: As with all operating system updates, make sure you backup your smart phone first. Unofficial updates should be left to those who know what they are doing. A quick Google search should find you all the guides you need to help you through the process. And remember, unofficial updates are not supported by carriers or RIM so you’re on your own if your BlackBerry ends up bricked (a rare but still possible occurrence that can happen even if the update is official).

In other news, BlackBerry OS 6 is still not available for the Bold 9700…

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