New Version of BlackBerry Messenger Coming Soon

If you are lucky enough to be member of Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry Beta Zone, then you can download the new beta version of BlackBerry Messenger Expect this update to be part of all of RIM’s plans to gear up for the launch BlackBerry OS 6.

So what exactly is new in the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger? Not a whole lot on the surface. Some bugs have been fixed, and the interface feels more polished. Some have compared it to the feel of the jump from BlackBerry OS 4 to 5, thus the speculation that it is part of RIM’s upcoming OS 6 preparations.

Since RIM is preparing for both BlackBerry App World 2.0, OS 6, and the release of several new phones this year, is has had quite a lot on its plate. It is nice to see though that the company has not forgotten about the core features that make its line of BlackBerry smartphones stand out from the seemingly ever increasing pack of competitors.

In the BlackBerry Beta Zone program? Let me know what you think of the new version. Currently use BlackBerry Messenger on a regular basis and have some gripes with bugs or lack of features? Tell me and we will see if the new version addresses them. In the mean time, get ready for all of the joy and tears that a new OS will bring with it, since it seems that every BlackBerry service is getting updated lately. That can only mean one thing: BlackBerry OS 6 will be here soon.

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