BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.1.32 Coming Soon to the Public

Brace yourself, because BlackBerry Messenger version will soon be arriving at the BlackBerry Test Center. This can only mean one thing: all of us will finally be able to get our hands on the redesigned BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and get to try out the new features. BBM got an unexpected popularity boost during the FIFA 2010 World Cup from reports of how many fans used to the service to talk about the big plays and it looks like Research In Motion took notice and wants to propel BBM towards a future as a main feature on its BlackBerry line of smartphones.

So what is new in BBM Take a look:

-          Improved contacts menu

-          Better picture posting features

-          More intuitive menu options

-          Any SMS contact can be set to have their texts show up in BBM

-          Chat and group chat have been improved

-          A whole new user interface

For those of you who regularly use BBM, these features will probably be a godsend. For the rest, it will be worth taking a look to see a cool, BlackBerry only feature that might actually make your messaging life easier.

No word yet as to whether or not the new BBM will keep pseudo-celebrities like Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore from behaving like, well pseudo-celebrities, and doing foolish things like posting their BlackBerry PINs on Twitter. The poor woman’s BlackBerry probably started smoking and melted after some of her 300,000+ Twitter followers tried using BBM to message her.

Will you be looking forward to getting your hands on the new BBM?

Angry that your friends have jumped the BlackBerry ship and climbed aboard the iPhone and Android OS bandwagon?

Should Snooki do a photo shoot for RIM to promote BBM?

Tell me what you are thinking. I really do want to know.

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