The Blackberry London, a new CEO and Super Heros!

RIM and the cult classic Blackberry has made it back into the news recently and the topics surely overshadow any themes, ringtones or new apps you have been reading up on. While many in the mobile world are awaiting the death of RIM it seems that the company is still pushing with a new CEO, ad campaign and eventually a new phone….eventually. The important topic that all of us in the mobile world want to hear about – QNX based Blackberries unfortunately is not the discussion but rather an indirect assumption, like it has always been. So, are you ready for a Blackberry comic? A new CEO, And a refreshed rumor on the London? Exciting!

Late last month RIM made official what most in the mobile world have been calling for, a new CEO in the lead chair. Previously the company held Co-CEO positions and the assumption (to anyone who had an opinion) was that two heads sometimes is not better than one. Mike Lazaridis who is the original founder of RIM and now a former CEO will become the companies Vice Chair of RIM’s Board and Chair of the Board’s new Innovation Committee. Jim Balsillie who shared the Co-CEO position with Lazaridis will remain with the company as a member of the board. Lazaridis said this on the transition, “There comes a time in the growth of every successful company when the founders recognize the need to pass the baton to new leadership. Jim and I went to the Board and told them that we thought that time was now”. The torch has been passed onto (no pun intended) Thorsten Heins. Coming from Siemens, Heins joined RIM in 2007 as the companies Senior Vice President for Hardware Engineering and moved up in the ranks last year becoming COO for Products and Sales. The new CEO says that the company is in an excellent position moving forward. He cites the recent acquisition of QNX and its plans moving forward as “the right path”. Heins goes on to mention a strong balance sheet and an encouraging reception at the recent CES. Heins is excited for the Playbook 2.0 and Blackberry 10, are you? Can Heins bring the change we all think RIM needs? Only time will tell!

When it is all said and done everyone in the mobile world has an opinion on what RIM should and should not do. A bit of doubt on the company’s future popped up recently with The Bold Team info graphic. This set of four cartoon characters pulled in a lot of scrutiny as most thought this was the basis or bringing of a new advertising campaign for the company. Turns out their not dead in the water as most assumed. While the it was called childish and a fail, The Be Bold team was designed for an info graphic that showed the details of Blackberry Twitter followers that took part in the companies “how they plan to Be Bold in 2012” new year’s resolutions. So thankfully The Be Bold team is not RIM’s new advertising campaign. Just a fun way to share some statistics!

Today Crackberry.Com has leaked a new 3D rendering of the infamous Blackberry London. Initial rumors on the Blackberry London started to surface in November of last year. This rendering is said to be the new face of the Blackberry London. Long gone are the hard angled corners and similarities of the Porsche designed Blackberry P’9981. These design cues have been traded out for a more rounded, standard slate design. The slide states that the London is elegant, understated, precise, solid and slim. That sounds amazing! Crackberry.Com has also stated that currently RIM is testing both TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm 1.5 GHz processor for future devices. Initial rumors on the London also stated that it will come with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, and of course “thinner than the iPhone 4”, additionally the London will be made available in June 2012.

So can Blackberry avoid a Palm-esq fait with a new CEO and outlook on their software and a handful of super heroes? I think so. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the future of the Blackberry and RIM as a whole. And don’t forget, we carry a wide variety of Blackberry accessories for all your needs.


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