BlackBerry and iPhone Both In Trouble: Blame Android

Both Apple’s iPhone and Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry have lost marketshare to Google’s Android smartphone operating system this summer. According to comScore, Android has moved up while the iPhone and BlackBerry have moved down. The overall rankings of who has the most marketshare in the US remains unchanged however.

Android OS gained a whopping 42% percent which keeps it in third place behind Apple and RIM in the US but boosted its share of smartphone subscribers to 17% from its previous 12%. Apple’s iPhone holds 23.8% of the market now instead of its previous 25.1%. RIM’s BlackBerry fell from 41.1% to 39.3%. As Android keeps gaining momentum, the rumors and demand for a Verizon iPhone keep growing. Unlike Apple, RIM’s BlackBerrys are on all carriers. This means it cannot hope to resurge in popularity like the iPhone might be able to if it leaves its AT&T exclusivity contract for other carriers.

There is good news in this though for iPhone and BlackBerry lovers. Sort of. I had thought RIM would have lost more marketshare actually. In fact, it actually gained a little marketshare in the wider cell phone category. And at least Apple has its iPod touches and iPads to keep iOS adopting growing.

However, Apple and RIM need to stay on their toes. Who would have thought that Android would have been able to grow so strong so quickly? The new Droid models and the Samsung Galaxy S certainly have helped. Anyone else watch the MTV VMAs? Samsung was plugging their Galaxy S everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. Both Apple and RIM have very strong, dedicated followings. Apple more so than RIM though. Hopefully for RIM, the Torch sales will pickup, the coming Bold 9780 will find some fans, and even the 9670 ‘Style’ might find some adopters. The rapid growth of the Android marketplace is sign that the platform is here to stay. Even if your favorite smartphone finds itself losing some ground, just keep in mind that competition means a win for you, the consumer.

Let me know if you were surprised at how quickly Android is growing, shocked that Apple lost some ground, or worried how RIM seems to be poking along.

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