App Update for BlackBerry: Facebook, Traffic and IM+

Let’s take a quick look at some of the cooler apps that are being updated for Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone platform. I know there has to be one in the list that piques your interest. Here we go:

Facebook v1.8.0.30

While it has since been pulled by RIM, Facebook v1.8.0.30 made a quick appearance in the open BlackBerry Beta Zone. Presumably improving upon integration with BlackBerry OS 6’s Social Feeds app, when it finally gets its full release, it should improve overall functionality and clear up some bugs. Of course, beta v1.8.0.31 was leaked back in July, so if you really want a new version of Facebook for your BlackBerry, do a little digging. I’m sure you’ll find a download link a few minutes.

BlackBerry Traffic

This nifty little app has finally made its way onto the main BlackBerry App World and though it is still in beta, it’s quite usable. Designed to make commuting easier, it lets you view traffic on your way to your destination, view road closures, gives you a rough estimate of your ETA and integrates with your contacts list. It will even send an email or text message to a contact you’re on your way to meet with your ETA. Quite handy if are on the go a lot.

IM+ Talk v4.2

Probably the coolest thing about IM+ is that it lets you VoIP over Wi-Fi. The newest version brings a redesigned interface, better viewing of conversations, better message notification and quite a few bug fixes. Also check out IM+: All-in-One Messenger, a powerful multimessenger client. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be running BlackBerry OS 6 then you might not need it. Gotta love Social Feeds.

Okay, I know it’s not the most impressive app update lineup under the sun. Hopefully the release of BlackBerry OS 6 will bring us some really cool apps soon. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for BlackBerry App World 2.0… RIM, are you listening?

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