Chat for BlackBerry Facebook App?

While Facebook’s chat feature is buggy, unreliable and well let’s be honest, it is no replacement for a real messaging client, it might be finally showing up in the BlackBerry Facebook App. And yes, I do use Facebook chat to talk to quite a number of people. It is just simply easier to use than logging into AIM or MSN for quick, impromptu conversations with friends.

Facebook chat has been available for a while now on Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerrys for a while now through third party applications but if the rumors are true, chat is coming to the official Facebook app. If it does come out, expect its release to coincide with all of the updates that will roll out with the release of BlackBerry OS 6. Since half of all BlackBerrys in use in North America are used by consumers and not business users, stronger support for social network is essential for RIM.

Is this a sign that RIM finally realizes that its phones must be as appealing for consumers as they are for its corporate clients? I sure hope so. Social network is where it is at right now. Just look at all of the smartphone advertisements on television. Everyone of them plays up how amazing the new phone being showcased is at connecting you to your network of friends. Obviously, social network is important, and thus RIM needs to start pushing how its phones can do all of that and more.

Some corporate users might be cringing right now, wondering what is going to happen to their beloved BlackBerrys if RIM decides to start catering to consumers. Stop worrying. RIM built all of its success through its corporate users, and surely cannot survive without pleasing them. Besides, don’t you want to be able chat for a few minutes to your cousin you never see while on the train? That is why Facebook chat despite all of its bugs, is so useful. Everytime a Facebook addict signs on to check their status, they open themselves up to a barrage of messages. Might as well throw yours in there too from your BlackBerry.”

Use Facebook and its chat features? How does Facebook chat on your BlackBerry sound? Want RIM to better support social network through its own apps? Let me know.

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