The Dev Alpha Phone and Blackberry 10 Is the New Beginning of Next Generation Blackberry’s


The last time any good news came from the likes of RIM it was a shift in upper management a new hero based social campaign and some renderings of the Blackberry London. While the social campaign may not have turned out as popular as RIM expected, the new CEO and the likes of a high spec’ed slate style London phone are indeed staking their claim in interest throughout the mobile community. The start of this week marks the 2012 Blackberry World conference where the company has officially announced their latest in Blackberry OS with the QNX based version 10.0. The conference has shown some of what BlackBerry OS 10 can potentially do and most impressively a new slate styled piece of hardware has made the trip to the conference and could be showing off RIM’s consumer intentions…maybe.

The Blackberry Dev Alpha is a developers “phone” designed to allow Blackberry app developers to do their thing. The Dev Alpha was recently leaked to the internet a few days ago and struck promise in the hearts of anyone rooting for RIM to get back on its horse. Back in March RIM announced they would be releasing up to two thousand of these handsets to developers so they can take the new operating systems toolkit and produce excellence. Luckily for those dev’s and RIM, they stuck to their guns and made this dream a reality. Unfortunately the Dev Alpha is not for you and me, but could it shed some light on the Blackberries future as a consumer grade product? While the details of the Dev Alpha are scarce, some of its inner workings and specifications have been confirmed. The screen on the Dev Alpha measures in at a seemingly perfect 4.2 inches and produces a 1280×768 pixel resolution. Additionally it is known that the handset packs in 16 GB of internal storage space, an OMAP processor as well as 1 GB of RAM. The Dev Alpha also sports micro USB and HDMI connectivity ports as well as expandable micro SD memory a 3.5 mm headset jack. SlashGear.Com also reports that the Dev Alpha is also packing an HSPA+ cellular radio and a slot for a microSIM card. Checking out the official renderings of the phone you’ll also notice a front facing camera as well as a rear facing LED flash coupled shooter. The Dev Alpha and the Blackberry OS 10 SDK were given to developers that attended the Blackberry World conference. But the big question on everyone’s mind is the Dev Alpha a peek at what RIM will offer in the consumer market in the near future? Blackberry 10 has some excellent tricks up its sleeve and if it can “catch” again RIM will be right back where they started. Check out this video of how RIM has taken the on screen QWERTY keyboard one step closer to excellence. No really this auto correct soft QWERTY seems like a feature all phones should have.

So do you think a device like the Dev Alpha will ever be readily available for you and me? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this new handset and the likes of Blackberry OS 10. Oh, yea don’t forget to check out all of our Blackberry accessories for all your needs!

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