Blackberry Dev Alpha C Set to Give App’s Back to the QWERTY

A new Blackberry Dev Alpha C give’s developers the keyboard they dream of! If you have been following the recent Blackberry saga, (we forgive you if not) then you would know that the first glimpse of what ultimately became the Z10 was initially a developer only handset. The handset was introduced last year and was issued only to registered Blackberry 10 developers. You know the guys and gal’s that put together those awesome apps! The handset was issued as a way to introduce the new operating system to the people who make our smart phones just that much cooler. The Z10 has become official, and now Blackberry is introducing a new Dev Alpha device, the Dev Alpha C.

When news of an all touch screen blackberry hit the rumor mill, most anyone paying attention rolled their eyes with thoughts of Storms in their mind. The Blackberry and its legacy are shrouded in QWERTY keyboards and it only seems right that there is a keyboard based handset for application development. Blackberry has announced their new Dev Alpha C program that will allow developers to build applications for handsets that sport keyboards like the newly announced, but not very visible Q10. With this new Alpha C endeavor, it looks like dev’s will be able to build some awesomeness for the Q10 and surely new keyboard based handsets to come out of Blackberry in the future. The software will allow developers to use the input from a physical QWERTY keyboard the same as if it were to come from the Z10 touch screen virtual keyboard. Ultimately, Blackberry is hoping this will smooth out the creative process for developing Blackberry 10 applications on both touch screen and keyboard based handsets with “very little effort”. While specifications and hardware details on the pictured handset are unknown it’s safe to say you’ll never need to know. As a Dev Alpha handset only registered developers with Blackberry have a shot at owning one, but we’ll always have the Q10!

It’s good to know Blackberry is pushing toward the keyboard and not abandoning the QWERTY ship for all touch screens. What do you think of the latest news from Blackberry? Are you excited to see some awesome in form of a keyboard based handset? Sound off below and before you run be sure to check out all the best in Blackberry accessories today.

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