BlackBerry Desktop Manager Updated for Windows and Macintosh

Research In Motion's headquartersResearch In Motion’s BlackBerry Desktop Software has received updates for both the Windows and Macintosh versions. The Mac version is now at 2.0 and the Windows version is 6.0.1 B21. I’ve got the rundown on what each of the new versions do.

BB Desktop Software 6.0.1 B21 for Windows:

  • Encryptions of backups are far more secure
  • BES synchronization is improved
  • General bug fixes
  • Time zone problems with tasks are fixed
  • The software now properly detects when new music is added to its library
  • Sound is now properly transcoded in AVI files under Windows 7
  • Audio and video is now synchronized for MP4 files
  • iTunes album art is now properly imported when Wi-Fi music syncing
  • Wi-Fi music syncing now isn’t broken when switching between iTunes and Windows Media Player
  • Outlook and Exchange 2010, 64-bit are now supported
  • Individual pictures can be synchronized
  • Music can be played while still Wi-Fi synchronizing it
  • Organizer synchronization is improved
  • Video files can be synchronized without converting them

BB Desktop Software 2.0 for Macintosh:

  • Import and synchronize photos and videos between iPhoto, iTunes and BB Desktop
  • A new device switch wizard lets you transfer your stuff to a new BlackBerry smart phone more easily
  • Synchronize music over Wi-Fi

Yeah, these are a lot of improvements. To get the new versions, head over to RIM’s BlackBerry website. While the updates don’t have any really earthshattering new features, who doesn’t want to get in on some Wi-Fi music and video synchronization love? Now if only iTunes let us do this with iOS…

Let me know what you think of the new versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software after you get up and running with them!

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