BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 Leaked

Remember when BlackBerry Desktop Manager was leaked last week? Now version 6—which was only available to BlackBerry Beta Zone members—has now hit the web.  Before I throw you off into the leaked software wild, let me give you a rundown on what to expect.

The leaked version has a less cluttered interface and actually reminds me a bit of iTunes—which I might add, is a good thing in my opinion. Besides the redesigned interface, the software looks a bit darker in theme. No, not like the second movie in a trilogy, more like Research In Motion (RIM) is giving everything BlackBerry a makeover and a more ‘carbon’ look has been adopted.

Also, some new media features have been added. BlackBerry OS 6 is promising a lot when it comes to media and it looks like (RIM) wants to experience to extend onto your desktop. If you were hoping on getting a peak at BlackBerry Protect, I am sorry; you are out of luck with this one.  Hopefully the next leak (they seem to be getting quite frequent) gives us a hands on with the service.

While you wait to see if your current BlackBerry will be OS 6 compatible (keep your fingers crossed), wait for BlackBerry App World 2.0, and wait for the new BlackBerry models to come out, you might want to try out Desktop Manager 6. Please note the standard disclaimer that this is an unofficial beta and as such, is not supported by RIM. You can download the software from here;

Let me know what you think. I am still trying to get the software to install since it keeps complaining about how one of my Microsoft Net Service Packs is not up-to-date even though it is. I think it has to do something with the fact that I am running XP Media Center Edition. If you get it to work, by all means, leave a comment outlining how you like it and if there are any features that I missed.

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