A Blackberry Curve Touch anyone?

The Blackberry Curve derives from a long heritage of the Blackberry legacy. You can see its ancestor’s beginnings within its curvaceous design and all around high quality hardware. One of the most universally accepted Blackberry’s ever. But what could make it better? Not much when you really try to think about it, however through a curve ball into the batter’s box and add a full sized touch screen with no qwerty and now we are shifting the curves of the Curve. All pun aside it seems that is exactly what the Blackberry maker RIM is doing…maybe.

Crackberry has recently unearthed some leaked images of a new Blackberry device that is codenamed the “Malibu”. The new Blackberry Curve Touch is supposedly slated to be official late this year or early next year. The rumored specs for the new Curve Touch keep the device in its “category”. The new Curve Touch will feature a Qualcomm 800MHz processor, run a CDMA radio (initially), rock a 480×360 HVGA 3.25 inch display, it will also rock the new navigation standard for Blackberry’s in the track pad and standard soft keys. For you QWERTY loving Blackberry users out there a virtual QWERTY will indeed be found within the Curve Touch (assumed). Snapping some pictures will supply you with some high quality 5 mega pixel photos and the camera will also give you the ability to record video in HD. Memory found on board  1GB Flash and 512 of RAM and will also sport a hot swap MicroSD slot. Other standards that are assumed to be found on this device include Autonomous and A-GPS as well as Bluetooth 2.1 and NFC technology. As it’s a rumor these specs are “proposed” and anything can change between now and the end of the year.

I know that a lot of Blackberry users are very dedicated to the brand and the rock solid devices that RIM has been pumping out for years, however it is truly exciting to see Blackberry break their increasingly stale mold and move forward into some new aged freshness, the new line of Blackberry’s will be adopting new NFC technology and tossing it in their along with HD recording which has never been seen on a Blackberry and very easily could have. So if you have been counting RIM out, well it may be time to reconsider.

Tell us what you think Blackberry addicts; is the new Curve Touch something you will be waiting for? Or is the Storm 3, with its bigger processor still on your mind? I know a bunch of you Blackberry users out there are saying “ I told you so” to all you Android and iPhone toting rivals.

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