BlackBerry Curve 9300 ‘Kepler’ Shipping with OS 5

The new BlackBerry Curve 9300 (codenamed ‘Kepler’ and also called the Curve 3G) is going to be running BlackBerry OS 5. Before you start forming an angry mob and burning things, note that whether or not it will support the coming OS 6 has not been confirmed or denied. The official specs have also been revealed so here is a quick rundown to let you know if the device will suit your needs.

-          A 624 MHz processor

-          256MB of RAM

-          256MB of flash storage

-          A 320×240 QVGA screen

-          2 megapixel camera (lacks a flash)

-          Wi-Fi with UMA

-          3G with HDSPA support

-          GPS

-          BlackBerry OS 5

The 9300 is basically a refresh of the Curve 8520 and while many of us wanted it to be shipped with BlackBerry OS 6, it looks like it is not in the cards. Remember however, the 9300 is going to be one of Research In Motion’s (RIM) cheapest offerings but it does let anyone who does not see the need to spend an arm and a leg on a smartphone to do pretty much everything one of those much higher priced BlackBerrys can. Until RIM lets us know if this will be able to run OS 6, I would hold off on pre-ordering and keep an open mind for some of the touchscreen devices in the works that have already been confirmed to ship with the drastically redesigned new OS. OS 6 really does look like it is worth the wait and the extra cash for a phone that supports it.

Drop a comment and tell us if you think that the Curve 9300 has the specs to be something that will sell well or if all of the super-smartphones with their processors measured in GHz are going to push this to the back of the line.

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