BlackBerry’s Biggest Competitor Isn’t Apple, It’s Android

Research In Motion (RIM) has a lot of reasons to worry. Apple’s iPhone has taken an increasingly large chunk of its market share over the past couple of years. However, RIM has a lot more to worry about than just Apple. Smartphones running Google’s Android OS have just surpassed RIM’s BlackBerry now in total market share in the US according to Gartner. Are you shocked? I am.

If RIM’s BlackBerry Torch 9800—which went on sale today—fails to be a strong seller and drive support for coming BlackBerrys later this year, RIM might just be on its last legs. After all, who here really believes that the BlackPad is going to sell enough units to displace the iPad at the top of the tablet totem? Don’t forget the literally half-dozen Android tablets that are coming out at the same time.

That said, I do believe that RIM has an excellent smartphone platform with the BlackBerry. But it just isn’t wowing us anymore. BlackBerry App World? It’s barely a blip in the current smartphone app market and an afterthought for many developers. RIM shot itself in the foot a long time ago by not being a stubborn jerk like Apple and keeping everyone and their mom from opening their own alternative. Let’s face it, RIM needs to do some firing and hiring or it’s going to stumble and fall.

Okay, I know RIM still is in second place now and has a very strong following. The only problem is, when (not if) Apple decides the time is right to roll out the iPhone on every network, RIM won’t be able to do anything. It needs winners now before Verizon and co. get the iPhone. Here’s hoping the Storm 3 is that winner. Let’s just hope it comes out before the rumored Verizon iPhone does.

Love or hate what I just said, you cannot argue with the facts. RIM is no longer the champ. It’s in second place and Apple is close on its heels. I know you have an opinion. Let me hear it.

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