BlackBerry Compatible Smartwatch Nears Launch…Hopefully

Way back in July we ran a story about the inPulse—a smartwatch that communicates with your BlackBerry via Bluetooth. The smartwatches are now available for pre-order and while they have already missed their estimated launch date by approximately seven months, hopefully the company making them really has them close to delivery this time. The maker of the inPulse smartwatch, Allerta, will be selling these things for $149.

Allerta claims that the first batch of inPulses have been pre-ordered already. The cynical out there might chuckle at the fact that the FAQ section of the website still mentions an April 2010 ship date. Personally, while I have no doubt that this product is very real, the actual ship date is a mystery. You might want to cut the company a little slack since even Apple can barely get enough units of its established iOS devices out of China on time for its customers (where is that white iPhone 4?). Or not if you’ve been desperately been wanting a watch that can display incoming text messages, emails and calls from your BlackBerry.

Here is a quick rundown on the inPulse’s specs:

  • (HxWxD) 51mm x 38mm x 12mm
  • 1.3” OLED display
  • Glass lens and fully metal body
  • Polyurethane wrist strap
  • Micro-USB port for charging
  • Wireless firmware updates
  • 150 mAh Li-ion battery (estimated at 4 days usage per charge, assuming 20-30 updates a day)
  • Vibrating alert

The idea behind this watch is certainly interesting. Readers should note that it will not allow them to respond to messages via the watch. You will still need to pull your BlackBerry out of your pocket to do anything except screen calls and messages. However, the lack of buttons on the device is made up for the fact that all of the adjustments like date, time, etc. are done from a BlackBerry via Bluetooth. Very very cool.

Think you will be picking one of these up? Going to pre-order or waiting until they hit the market first and are thoroughly reviewed? $149 is very steep considering that the new iPod Nano 8GB model is the same price, actually runs an operating system and has a touchscreen. Anyone try gluing one to their wrist yet? Hopefully the price will come down if this smartwatch proves successful. It costs to be cutting edge.

Let me know what you think of the inPulse.

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