BlackBerry Cobalt Tablet Gets “Confirmation”

Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Tablet (code named “Cobalt”) has gotten further “confirmation” beyond what Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar said on Friday. BeteNews claims to have gotten confirmation of Mr. Kumar’s assertions from a “source close to RIM.” This leaves followers of the story  all wondering what exactly to expect on the tablet and if they should wait for one. Here is a quick rundown on what has been “confirmed” so far and why it is most likely the truth:

The Cobalt is said to support Flash upon its release. This makes sense too as Flash support is expected to come to BlackBerry users running the upcoming OS 6 near the end of the year. Adobe has released its Flash mobile development package to manufacturers already and they are rushing to implement it in their latest OS updates. Except Apple of course.

The tablet is also said to cruise along on a 1 GHz processor. While it is never fair to compare different processors based solely on the frequency that they run at, 1 GHz chipsets are slowly becoming the norm for high-end mobile devices as battery life becomes less of an issue. The iPad sports a 1 GHz processor and there is no reason for RIM to give Apple a marketing advantage like this. I would be surprised if a slower processor makes it into the Cobalt.

RIM’s rumored device is also now expected to sport a 7” touchscreen—a definite downsizing from the 8.9” screen previously expected. The smaller screen size is not all bad news however. According to rumors, the Flash support that I mentioned before will now be hardware accelerated. Hardware acceleration would certainly help Adobe’s aging standard in streaming video and interactive web page design, as even some older desktop computers sometimes have problems smoothly watching it.

However, no sources could be found to confirm the December launch date that has been circulating. If this tablet does come out, it might find itself floating about in a post-holiday market. Not exactly the ideal situation for a product that will cost a significant chunk of change more than a smartphone.

Looking to pick up one of these tablets if they do come out?

Think that the rumors are true?

Is RIM really going to plunge into a new market while it is still struggling to keep its BlackBerry line of phones fresh to younger consumers?

Leave us your ideas on the subject.

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