BlackBerry OS 6 Web Browser Beats Apple’s Mobile Safari in Test

It has been a very long time in coming, but the BlackBerry might just be getting the best mobile web browser ever designed. Engadget has run an HTML5 test on BlackBerry OS 6’s redesigned web browser and the results are astonishing. Research In Motion (RIM) got it right and OS 6 scored a 208 out of 300. Not impressed? Consider that the iPhone 4 only managed a 185 and HTC’s Incredible squeaked by with a 151. RIM has been working hard on fixing up its dated browsing software for quite a while now and it appears if the work has finally paid off.

While we still have to wait until sometime during the 3rd quarter of this year to update our BlackBerrys to OS 6, this news is sure to please anyone who has ever had to suffer from RIM’s current browser. Add in the fact that the BlackBerry Bold 9800 has been given a rumored launch date of August 15th and will be shipping with the new OS and you have a recipe that is sure to make a lot of BlackBerry owners very very happy. Just imagine one of RIM’s coming touchscreen devices with the new browser. Go ahead, it is okay to drool.

Congratulations RIM, it looks like you have actually managed to pull of one of your promises for this year. This gives us optimism for the rest of everything else you are working on at the moment and lets us know that you have not forgotten about us. Now please just hurry up and give us BlackBerry OS 6. We need it desperately. Oh, and if you are listening, we really would like to be able to use BlackBerry App World 2.0 soon. With any luck, Christmas just might be coming early this year for BlackBerry lovers. Think August and put out your stockings.

Excited for BlackBerry OS 6’s new browser? Happy that RIM has listened to what we all have been asking for? Does this give you hope for everything else up north in RIM’s laboratories? Leave a comment and tell me. It only takes a moment.


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