BlackBerry Bold 9900

Skeptical about Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) planned touch screen only smartphones? For BlackBerry users that have grown accustomed to RIM’s traditional design and form, a device called the BlackBerry Bold 9900 may be in the works according to Electricpig. The new phone would have the traditional form factor that we have all grown accustomed to and have an optical track pad (contrary to earlier, unconfirmed rumors), but with a touch screen and running BlackBerry OS 6. Excited yet?

The still heavily rumored BlackBerry Bold 9900 would also be sporting 512MB of RAM, improved battery life, and a 5 megapixel camera—hopefully capable of recording video in 720p HD to compete with some of its rivals including the iPhone 4. While the site claims that the new Bold 9900 should be coming out by the end of the year, I am still a little bit skeptical. Information still is very vague. OS 6, while nearing completion, still has not been released and with all of the other phones that RIM has planned, who knows exactly when they all will be rolled out. RIM has a heck of a lot of work cut out for it already. Then again, this really might be the “Onyx Delta” that is allegedly slated for the fourth quarter of this year. Excited? This sure seems to be the season for juicy BlackBerry rumors.

The  fabled BlackBerry Torch 9800 still does not have a firm release date (or even a definitive name yet, as it is still sometimes being referred to as the BlackBerry Bold 9800 or the BlackBerry Slider 9800), but it would make sense for RIM to release both at the same time along with BlackBerry OS 6. Each would appeal to a different group of users. What is not known about either the Bold 9900 or the Torch 9800 is if it will have that SurePress technology. Sure, RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was quoted last year as saying, “SurePress is here to stay,” but we all know how promises and declarations work out in the smartphone world.

Have an opinion on whether or not the Bold 9900 will be coming out this year? Any strong feelings either way on SurePress? Let me know.

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