Blackberry Bold 9900 Gets a launch date an price

Blackberry has recently launched a string of new smart phones that have been making their rounds on the blogospheres, check it out here. The three new devices, albeit are not the most impressive devices in the mobile market they seem to fit perfectly for RIM’s outlook on their future. To an end user that may sound crazy, but for some reason the new Blackberries seem to make sense for RIM. While the new smart phones are not industry blockbusters that will change the game they are solid and that is what a Blackberry customer is looking for. But what type of price point and when can these said Blackberry loyalists actually expect these new berry’s. RIM’s announcement was these three new devices were slated for release later this month across over 225 carriers. Leaky news of T-Mobiles plans for these new Blackberries has just leaked out.

Of the three Blackberry’s that were announced yesterday, we know pretty much where they will be heading. Sprint will get its own Bold as well as a Torch and At&t will be picking up the QWERTY Torch. has published a leak of what seems to be an internal magenta document listing out the features, pricing and availability of the new Bold 9900 and not all of it may be peachy. According to this document the new Blackberry Bold 9900 will be made available to business class customers on August 17th and to us normal folks come August 31st. However the new Bold 9900 will run any new customer or existing customer looking to renew $300 bucks…commence head shaking. The Blackberry Bold 9900 will the carriers first 4G Blackberry and features all kinds of great stuff. Nothing like mind blowing or worth anywhere near $300 bucks but, a 1.2 GHz processor, 768MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, oh and Blackberry 7 of course.

Initially when I took a look at the new line up my initial thought was this new Bold will win out over the 9810 or 9850 or 60 Torches. This simply based on its legacy of being that work horse device that most business class users are accustom to. Unfortunately however after reading that subsidized price tag, im not so sure about that anymore, I guess we will have to see where this takes us.

Any Tmo users interested in a three hundred dollar Blackberry? I mean you really can’t go wrong with an under spec’ed device compared to the rest of your options right? Sorry I’m getting out of line. Is anyone willing to pay $300 dollars for this new Blackberry Bold 9900 assuming this information is correct? Here is to hoping the two new Torches are priced out a bit better.

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