Blackberry Bold 9800 Out on YouTube

There have been rumors circulating about a new phone the RIM has been developing. A few grainy pictures are the only evidence that a new Blackberry device exists. Just recently, a short video on YouTube was uploaded which appeared to confirm these claims. Dubbed the Blackberry Bold 9800, it has already gained popularity, amassing more than 165,000 hits in just a couple of days, hopefully the product will be better than the hype.

The Blackberry Bold Series has had great success on the market, making the RIM Company replace some of their previous phones under the Tour, renew some of their features and rename them under the Bold smartphone line.

Without confirmation on the actual model of the Blackberry, some have already referred to the device as the Blackberry Bold 9800, the Talladega Slider or the Blackberry Slider.  Prior to the release of the video on YouTube, there were numerous unconfirmed reports of another slider phone being developed by RIM.

The uploaded YouTube video is extremely short and quite shaky, lasting only 14 seconds at most. It appears to be an edited video consisting of at least three shots. From the video, all that can be determined is that it has a full QWERTY type keyboard with a trackpad as well as another 4 buttons for menu control. The smartphone bears the default black and chrome combination known for most of the Blackberry models. In comparison to other devices released under the Blackberry Bold line, the screen is considerably much larger. However, it is smaller than the Storm series. With the phone being turned, one can see the Bold logo as well as what appears to be a camera lens. From a few shaky shots of the screen, one can assume it is running on an OS 6.0. As of the time of this post, there have been no reports regarding the Blackberry Bold 9800’s other features or its price.

Check out the spy video here

Let us know what you think about this slider, are you waiting for one?