Spare Parts for Your BlackBerry Bold 9800 Anyone?

It might seem a little premature, but “OEM” parts for the still unannounced BlackBerry Bold 9800 “Torch” have started popping up on websites in Asia. This comes on the heels of strong rumors that the Bold 9800 will be pairing up with AT&T initially in the United States and Rogers in Canada. Photographs of the new smartphone have also been appearing nearly everywhere recently, making the launch appear imminent (or at least very very close).

When Chinese manufacturers start pumping out identical parts for an unreleased phone, you can safely assume that someone in the country has manufactured or at least thoroughly deconstructed one of the units and is looking to cash in on what it knows.

Here is a quick rundown on what the phone is offering in case you are out of the loop or have not found the time to constantly surf BlackBerry news sites:

-          BlackBerry OS 6 with its improved web browsing and social media feed

-          The full QWERTY keyboard that has made BlackBerrys the choice for users who like to message

-          An optical trackpd just in case you are not thrilled with touchscreens

-          3G, of course

-          A 5 megapixel camera

-          A 3.2” touchscreen

-          microSD for easy storage expandability

While none of the features are particularly eye-popping, the phone certainly represents a new step for Research In Motion (RIM). The company has been struggling to keep its phones from losing market share to increasingly popular smartphone models running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. Keeping the traditional form factor that current customers have grown accustomed to will either be the best or worst move that RIM has ever made. Keep an eye peeled for the 9800, since it is sure to be showing up in stores shortly.

Let us know what you think of the BlackBerry Bold 9800 and if it is the right move for RIM, or just a too little too late attempt to hang on.

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