BlackBerry Bold 9780 Spotted in the Wild

The still unannounced BlackBerry Bold 9780 (possible codenamed ‘Onyx Delta’) has been rumored for a while and a picture of the device has now emerged along with some specs. While it looks nearly identical to the Bold 9700 that it is likely to replace, it will be running BlackBerry OS 6 and sport the hardware to run it. We already reported that the Storm 2 would most likely not be capable of handling OS 6 with its 256MB of RAM and since the Bold 9700 has the same limitation, it looks like Bold 9700 owners might have a reason be up in arms that their smartphone could possible get the snub from Research In Motion (RIM).

According to rumors, The 9780 Onyx Delta will be packing an impressive 512MB of RAM and a 5 megapixel camera. Of course, BlackBerry OS 6 will be making an appearance as 512MB of RAM seems to be the requirement for the operating system to work properly.  The fact that pictures are springing up already and the specs lends me to believe that this is a device that could be coming out shortly. OS 6 is already undergoing carrier testing and August 15th is allegedly the day that the Bold 9800 will be making an appearance. Why not toss out another phone that is OS 6 compatible so consumers have a choice? The 9780, being a refresh of the 9700, does not require that much development time. That is, if you even consider swapping out a couple of dated components in a smartphone’s case for newer ones ‘development.’

No word yet on exactly when this guy will be making an appearance, but it is certainly a near guarantee that the next few months will be one full of new BlackBerry models. The 9780 will fit into RIM’s product mix quite nicely since not everyone is thrilled about touchscreens and just want to stick with the optical trackpad and QWERTY keyboard that the company has perfected. Still, you cannot help but wonder if the 9700 is going to be left out in the cold of OS 5.

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