This Time the BlackBerry Bold 9780 Is Seen in White

The coming refresh model to the BlackBerry Bold 9700–the Bold 9780–has been spotted in white. Okay, this might not be the most exciting news in the world, but Research In Motion (RIM) really needs to get this model out the door and into people’s hands. The white finish (besides the standard BlackBerry black) certainly is a nice touch. Steve Jobs called, he wants his white paint back RIM.

While it certainly is fun to laugh at the misfortune of the Apple faithful who will not be getting their white iPhone 4s until somewhere near the end of the year, let’s be serious here. Can the 9780 help reverse RIM’s fortunes? If you take off the case and look inside, this smartphone is really just a Torch 9800 in a standard BlackBerry frame. Of course, the Torch 9800 is really just a 9700 with more RAM, a better camera and that slick sliding keyboard/touchscreen combination.

Being quite familiar with the Bold 9700 that the 9780 is going to be replacing, I will admit that the Bold series is excellent. Easy to type on quickly for extended periods of time, a breeze to use as a portable office of sorts, and strong security are all reasons why the Bold line has been so successful. The 9780 builds on this legacy but I really have to wonder where the new is over at RIM.

My mind keeps wandering to Palm. Sure, I know, RIM is nowhere in near as bad of shape as Palm was before it was bought and RIM still has a very large chunk of the smartphone market, but Palm floundered because it just stopped making new and exciting phones that people wanted and when it finally got back into the rhythm, it was too late. Other companies jumped into the foray and just did things better, faster. (Rest in peace little Palm Centro.) Remember when you would have killed to have a Palm smartphone? Maybe your memory doesn’t go back that far but I have had quite a few Palm devices over the years and it sickens me to see RIM not pushing forward with new designs.

Please RIM, make us something new before everyone else speeds on by. I love the Bold series but you need to do something new with it. Sound off in the comments.

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