BlackBerry Bold 9780 Selling November 17th for $129.99 on T-Mobile

T-Mobile announced today that it would start selling the new BlackBerry Bold 9780 on November 17th. The new Bold will go for $129.99 with a new, two-year contract on T-Mobile’s network. The 9780 is a refresh (an updated) model of the popular Bold 9700. The 9700 is widely considered a contender for the best BlackBerry smartphone to date from Research In Motion (RIM) and the Bold 9780 builds on the success of the older model. Most of the actual phone is the same, but RIM increased the RAM, increased the megapixels in the camera and loaded BlackBerry OS 6 on it.

Interestingly enough, the processor in the Bold 9780 did not get a boost from the 9700 and it is still the same 624 MHz Marvell. However, even the new Torch 9800 has the same processor and as far as smartphones go, RIM has no product in development that is faster. While the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be running on dual-cores at 1 GHz apiece and be practically built to run Adobe AIR apps, the BlackBerry smartphone line is still chugging along on with technology from 2008 and has not gotten Flash Player 10.1 despite Adobe’s promises.

So what exactly is in the Bold 9780? Here’s the quick specs:

  • 2.44” screen at 480×360 pixels
  • 624 MHz processor from Marvell
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • microSD support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • BlackBerry OS 6

The Torch 9800 was a Bold 9700 with a touchscreen, sliding keyboard and more RAM to better run BlackBerry OS 6. The Bold 9780 uses the RAM and camera improvements found in the 9800 and puts them back in the same case as the 9700. While this isn’t a particularly innovative method, it does save money for RIM. Of course, that nice $129.99 price tag from T-Mobile does have a catch; there is a $50 mail-in rebate along with the two-year contract requirement.

The biggest selling point of the Bold 9780 has to the BlackBerry OS 6. Social Feeds integrate your social networking apps and the entire user interface (UI) has gotten a makeover. The first version of BlackBerry OS 6 was criticized for having a sluggish UI but since its release it has gotten updated and those problems are mostly all fixed. BB OS 6 does have a Webkit browser, which is the same technology that powers the browsers in iOS and Android. It is also HTML5 compatible.

There you have it—the Bold 9780 is out for T-Mobile on November 17. Interested? Let me know.

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