BlackBerry Bold 9780 Refresh Due out Early November

The replacement for the popular BlackBerry Bold 9700—the Bold 9780—will be heading out to some carriers for sale in early November. While no date has been given yet for carriers in the US, Canada’s Bell Mobility will start selling the device on November 2nd according to BGR. Vodafone Netherlands will start selling the Bold 9780 presumably in early November as well, and has already listed the model on its website.

Research In Motion (RIM) has not yet officially announced the model, but with all the videos out, pictures floating around and even cellular carriers announcing the Bold 9780, it should. So what does the Bold 9780 do better than the Bold 9700 it replaces? That’s a hard question. The case is the same, as are many of the specs, including the 624 MHz Marvell processor inside. What is new is the doubled RAM (now 512 MB), the 5 megapixel camera, and the fact that it ships with BlackBerry OS 6. Not a whole lot, but it is a refresh after all.

The Bold 9700 and older Bold 9650 are both expected to get BlackBerry OS 6 but are still waiting for their updates. Maybe carriers are waiting to get the 9780 onto shelves before they bring the new features over for older smartphones. Yes, that would be a typical evil carrier move, but what do you expect? They want you to buy a new phone as often as you can afford to.

Since no US carriers have announced the Bold 9780 yet, the subsidized price is unknown. The unsubsidized price is $499.99, which I think is a bit steep for the components inside. Since the Torch 9800 is the only BlackBerry running with OS 6 right now, and the RAM/processor configurations are identical between the two models, check out the Torch right now to see how quickly the operating system and apps run if you have any questions. Like the rest of the Bold series, the 9780 will not have a touchscreen, but if well-designed QWERTY keyboards are your thing, you probably won’t miss it.

So what do you all think? Getting ready to upgrade your older BlackBerry to a Bold 9780? Frustrated that older models still are waiting for BB OS 6? The new model not have enough stuff in it to justify the upgrade? Tell me in the comments.

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