BlackBerry Bold 9780 Gets a Canadian Release Date

The coming BlackBerry Bold 9780 has gotten an unofficial release date in Canada of October 21. This is quite interesting, since the new model has not received even an official comfirmation from Research In Motion (RIM), its maker. The date of October 21 comes from an anonymous source that tipped off MobileSyrup. Where is the United States release date!?

Okay, if Canada is getting the new Bold 9780 near the end of October, you can bet that the US will be getting the new BlackBerry around the same time. Hopefully some tipsters will be letting us know in the near future when we can expected the 9780 in the States. No word on pricing has come in yet for either country. It will presumably come in at less than the new Torch 9800’s $200 price with two year contract from AT&T as it packs the same internals but lacks the touchscreen.

With its 624 MHz processor (no surprise there), 512MB of RAM, and 5 megapixel camera with flash, the Bold 9780 is shaping up to look like a pretty nice model. Readers will note that these are the same specs as the Torch. Even the screen resolution is the same at 480×360. The new model will also be sporting BlackBerry OS 6 of course. Forutunately, the device has already been spotted running the newest version of the operating system. Where might OS 6 for the 9700 be though?

The 9780 really is nothing new. It is a simple update of the excellent 9700 to make it more OS 6 friendly and bring a better camera into the mix. If you are a fan of the Bold series of BlackBerrys, I cannot help but recommend the 9780 from what is available about it at the moment. Barring some type of design flaw disaster, the new smartphone will perform quite well. Whether or not people want it, or will be willing to upgrade from the 9700 and 9650 to it is another matter. That Torch is looking pretty nice right now its slide out keyboard and touchscreen.

While we all wait for a US release date on this, let me know if you think the 9780 is going to be worth getting. Everyone have their sights set on the Torch or some new phones that RIM is expected to roll out near the end of the year?

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