Upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or Update the Bold 9700?

The coming BlackBerry Bold 9780 is expected to arrive next month in the United States so the big question for current Bold 9700 owners is whether or not to upgrade to the new device, go with the 9800 Torch or wait for something better. The option of just updating the system software on the Bold 9700 to BlackBerry OS 6 is also available (whenever the carriers get around to releasing it). Here is a side by side comparison between the Bold 9700 and the Bold 9780 to help make your dilemma a little easier to solve.

  • Processor: Both the Bold 9700 and 9780 share the same 624 MHz processor.
  • RAM: The 9780 has 512MB of flash RAM while the 9700 is stuck with 256MB
  • Storage: Both can use microSD cards up to 32GB in size
  • Screen: Both share the same 480×360 resolution screen at 2.44 inches
  • Camera: The Bold 9700 has a 3.15 MP camera while the 9780 has a 5 MP camera (both have LED flash)
  • Other: They also share the same cellular, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi components

That wasn’t actually hard at all was it? The real question on whether or not to upgrade to a 9780 lies with when OS 6 comes out for the 9700 and how well it will run with less RAM. Hardly a peep has been heard for BB OS 6 on older devices (except that the Storm 2 will not be getting it). If the carriers are hoping to get everyone to buy a new smartphone by delaying OS 6 for older models, then sorry, but they are coming off as even more snobbish than Apple cutting features with new OS updates that hardware supports on older iOS models. Welcome to the internet big cellular, we all know what game you are playing here.

The other, and far more scary scenario, is that OS 6 simply does not run properly on 256MB of RAM. That certainly will be a blow for Research In Motion (RIM) if it cannot get OS 6 to run properly on the similarly hardware spec’d BlackBerry Curve 3G that has also been promised the operating system upgrade. Which brings me to my next point. I am still fuming that the 9800 Torch has already had an update leaked for its operating system and RIM is shipping a smartphone with old system software. That just does not come off as good business to me.

The higher resolution camera going to get you to upgrade to the 9780? What is with RIM taking so long to get BlackBerry OS 6 out to everyone but their precious Torch buyers? Let me know what you think, and if you see the 9780 as a device worth upgrading to.

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