BlackBerry Bold 9650 Gets a BB OS 6 Leak

Yes, the wait is almost over for BlackBerry Bold 9650 owners. Thanks to BBLeaks, an unofficial version of BlackBerry OS 6 is floating around the internet. Guess what? It actually works on the 9650.

I am not going to recommend to anyone with a 9650 to try this out if OS 6 is something you desperately want. Wait for an official carrier release or another leaked version. Right now, quite a number of problems are being reported on message boards about bugs and quirks. Also, if it screws up your smartphone you are pretty much screwed since its not officially supported.

The leak version ( is the same version that T-Mobile is testing for the Bold 9700 right now. While that is good news, T-Mobile has supposedly tested three previous versions of OS 6 and passed on them. The 9650 also has twice as much RAM as the 9700 model.

What if the 9650 gets OS 6 but the 9700 doesn’t? We won’t know until it is all said and done but RIM and its carriers need to start showing us their cards. Hopefully BlackBerry DevCon 2010 later this month will shed some light on the situation and give us a timetable for when we can expect to see OS 6 on anything but the Torch 9800.

Any BlackBerry Bold 9650 users going to take the risk and try this out? This keeping your hopes up for a 9700 release of OS 6? DevCon going to be when we find out what is really going on here? Let’s hope. Leave a comment in the box if you want to weigh in.


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