BlackBerry ConnectedDrive Integration for BMW

Soon your BMW will read aloud your emails via Bluetooth link with your BlackBerry smartphone. Awesome. The technology that your BlackBerry connects to for this new feature is BMW’s ConnectDrive. From the company website:

“BMW ConnectedDrive is a concept from the BMW Group that develops the technology of tomorrow for the automobiles of today. Its focus is on connecting the driver to their vehicle and to their world in an intelligent manner. BMW ConnectedDrive comprises five services: BMW Assist, BMW Online, BMW Tracking, BMW TeleServices and in-vehicle internet access, the sum of which provides you with a unique range of mobility – the best possible combination of safety, comfort and driving pleasure.”

Pure sweetness. We finally have started to have some real options for streaming video onto our smartphones and now our cars will read us our emails as they come in. Ah, things like these make me thankful that I was born in time for the 21st century.

BMW’s press release gives the both the release date and some juicy details:

“From autumn 2010, owners of a BlackBerry® smartphone made by the mobile phone manufacturer RIM (Research In Motion) will be able to access the phone’s e-mail function via the operating system iDrive. A new Bluetooth interface to integrate the BlackBerry device into the vehicle enables e-mails to be received, displayed on the Control Display and even read out by means of an optional voice output function.”

While the first BlackBerry to be supported through the system is the new Pearl 3G, expect a bunch more models to be compatible through software updates by the time the service rolls out. As for your beamer, it needs to be “fitted with the navigation system Professional including mobile phone preparation.” Combine this technology with some free email dictation software like I profiled here, and you are all set for some out of office productivity while cruising around in your car. As always with new, high-end features that luxury brands roll out, expect the rest of the automotive world to start offering similar smartphone integration in cars—at least in higher numbers than they have.

More information about BMW’s ConnectedDrive is available at BMW’s website.

Let me know if the promised features of this new system intrigue you, and if so, will you be connecting your BlackBerry to your car anytime soon?

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