Blackberry Pearl 3G in a New Hue

Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry smartphones, are trying out a new look. Blackberry smartphone devices were normally associated with black, being targeted for the more corporate consumer. In Australia, the company is trying something less drastic measures to cater to the younger crowds. The Australian version of the Blackberry Pearl 3G will be released in “Royal Purple.”

The Blackberry may not be known for being heavy on features for the younger, multimedia hungry generation but it is trying to make more of an effort in other ways. To promote their product to a younger crowd, the Blackberry is being released in conjunction with a local concert with a mystery artist performing during the product launch. Referred to as the “Blackberry BlockParty,” the company hopes to draw more of the younger generation to their product launch.

In addition to the trendier color, the company hopes to draw some of the younger consumers through features such being able to send text messages to their friends and contacts, emails as well be keeping in touch through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the device has been fitted with the Blackberry Messenger, which allows consumers to share events, voice notes and pictures with other consumers using the same program.

The Blackberry Pearl 3G is currently the smallest and lightest smartphone the company has ever produced, weighing a mere 93 grams. With a width of less than 2 inches and a QWERTY keypad with 20 keys, the younger generations of consumers should find it convenient to carry the device with them at any time. However, with not a lot of space left for the keys, guys and gals with larger fingers may find it difficult to navigate through the various features.

The product launch for the purple hued Blackberry Pearl 3G may be miles from the US but it should give the company a general idea of how the younger market will take the recent improvements and changes to their products.